The BWP Virtual Office

The BWP Virtual Office means tangible benefits for everyone. As well as ensuring our competitiveness in a crowded market, the real significance for us is in the genuine value for money we are able to offer our clients. We simply deliver more from less… more dynamic events, more creative solutions and more measurable results. On budget, on time, every time.

Via our core team of management, technical, design and logistics specialists we source and retain only the best and most appropriate freelance expertise, providing a truly unique flexibility in the way we construct and manage your project team. No limits to its range, complexity or efficiency since we draw on that vast range of skills only as and when required.

BWP has perfected its approach to team building and world-class delivery through more than 25 years’ experience conceiving and driving international and local events for our clients.  We take great pride in a reputation founded on a ‘can do’ work ethic  – an attitude shared by every one of our operatives and partners.

 Other benefits of the BWP Virtual Office are:

  • A far more personal service.
  • Greater flexibility on account management i.e. for last minute event challenges!
  • The right person for a specific role, not whoever is available.
  • No office space restrictions on the size or diversity of your project team.
  • Not just the same level of service as an office based company but an even higher one.


This is how the BWP ‘Virtual Office’ client and team communications can work for you:

Face to face meetings can be called at a variety of central locations well known to BWP, or at our clients’ offices. Conference calls can be rapidly scheduled, however widely the participants are spread. Information can be shared, viewed and commented upon with immediacy and practicality.

Every member of our account and production teams will be assigned a BWP email address at which you can reach them as and when required. We use a tried and tested IT provider to host our server – a company that understands the way we work.

Our clients are given a mobile number for every member of their BWP project team. A central phone number will also route you through to whichever team member can best address your query or generate an email should they be unavailable.

File sharing:
Using the same single server, we are also able to give every member of our team remote access to all relevant files the moment they are available:
•  Production and meeting schedules
•  Minutes and actionable items
•  Floor plans
•  Draft scripts
•  Creative/design graphics

Large files:
Again, using the same secure server, larger files such as detailed ground plans and video clips will be available to both our and your team via a password-protected ftp site. Your team will also be able to upload large files here.