The Project
The internal brand re-launch of the Clydesdale & Yorkshire Banks, via a series of events where the Banks’ Senior Executives could present their vision for future plans and business strategies. Over 5,000 staff attended.

The Venue
Five venues in Scotland, Leeds and London over a 5 week period, incorporating 21 separate conferences with audiences ranging from 80 to 700 delegates.

Audience Participation
Each event saw audiences working in teams of 10, brainstorming lists of ideas/innovations aimed at developing and securing the banks’ future success… while regular Q&A sessions also gave delegates the opportunity to question the banks’ on-stage Executive Committee. In this intensely interactive environment, literally thousands of ideas were generated and hundreds of questions were asked.

Elements Involved

  • Online registration for all 5,000 delegates, designed and operated by BWP.
  • The design and production of all venue signage, external banners, lanyard badges, event team t-shirts, pens, workbooks and work   sheets.
  • Stage set design and build.
  • Technical recces of all venues, production of detailed drawings and plans.
  • Total co-ordination of all venues including technical and logistics requirements.
  • Total budget control including venues, event collateral, staging and technical.
  • Supply of all technical and logistics staff including pre-production.
  • Production of 400 branch ‘goodie boxes’ including sourcing contents and mailing of boxes to each branch.
  • Crew co-ordination including travel, subsistence and accommodation.
  • Onsite video recording including producing an after conference video sequence.

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